Smart Be – FAQ
Who handles the dispatching center or where are the headquarters? How does the connection with the collection company work?
Waste collection services maintain the dispatching center. Smart bins monitoring can be accessed by any team or person from technical services or city board. Monitoring can be accessed on a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone. There is no limit on a number of users. The server running the monitoring app belongs to Hestego.
How demanding is dispatching on personal resources?
Waste collection is handled by technical services. It is not necessary to hire an extra person to manage smart bins. The bins automatically broadcast information about filled capacity and the need for waste collection.
How time-consuming is training into the monitoring system?
20-30 minutes.
What about license and software security?
The software runs on Hestego company’s server. The user only needs an internet browser, username, and password. We regularly update the software and develop new versions with improved security.
Can smart bins be used even for small towns or bigger shopping malls?
Yes, smart bins can be used for small towns. We are working on a smart bin variation for shopping malls with a closed intake slot requiring manual handling to be opened. The main advantage would be less smell from the bins in closed environments.
Is it possible to use Smart Be for recycled waste?
Yes, the compacting bin can be used for paper and plastic waste. Bin with a weighing option can be used for glass.
What type of waste can Smart Be collect (hazardous waste, organic waste, plastic, paper, etc.)?
Compacting bin can be used for generic waste, paper and plastic. Weighing bin can take generic waste, glass, paper, plastic and even organic waste.
We don’t have funds in our budget, can smart bins be hired?
Yes, we offer long-term and short-term bin hiring options.
We have a problem with vandals in the city center. How does the service work in case of bin damage?
The bin has an antivandal design. The bin has remote access so we can identify a fault remotely. When bins are damaged during the rental period or within warranty, we exchange them a piece for piece. After warranty, we replace damaged parts.
If the compacting bin collects so much more waste, won’t it smell?
Smell depends on the waste composition, it does not depend on volume.
How is the solar panel protected against vandalism?
By a polycarbon panel above the solar panel with an air gap.
Couldn’t the bin run out of power and stop working?
In theory, it can. There can be a power outage when the bin is powered by 230V or there can be another technical fault blocking power flow to the bin. With battery power, the battery may need replacing. The battery can run the bin for approximately 14 days without recharging by solar panel. The smart bin has power-efficient circuit for lowering energy consumption.
What happens in case of fire due to ignition from a cigarette butt?
As an option, we offer a fire sensor that sends out a fire signal. As another option, we are currently developing a self-extinguishing system.
I want to purchase smart bins but the only waste collection company in our area does not want to participate. How to handle this situation?
Bins are purchased by town/city. Waste management services are obligated to collect waste. They have to be explained proper handling of the bins and allowed access and handling of the bins.
I want to use your solution fully. I want bins that compact and weigh waste, is it possible?
This variant is currently in development.